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Launching article “29 of July, 2020”

Thank God (Alhamdullilai) ekesMall, ekesMall, ekesMall….29th of July is finally here.

Happy birthday to the legend and resourceful person in my life, the one I dedicated all this company, the name, the inspiration to.

Let me introduce the person! Oh wait, just take your time to know about the company first (EkesMall Legacy)

Before writing about the company let me quickly use this medium to thank my bosses, brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers and relatives who help me out free of charge in making this project (ekesMall) to come into pass.

To mention few names Frank Umeadi (company reg advicer), Winner Ekpan (means of financing), Yitzack Rabin (Kenya head), Babalola Caleb (roomie advicer) and YOU and YOU, yes YOU, I can’t just keep on mentioning names…..Thanks to you guys, am really glad and excited to have you around me. May God bless you in wisdom and understanding.

Now to write about the Company and the inspiration behind this……ekesMall is an online mall where you can purchase all your fashion items for men, women, and children; home appliances, kiddie’s items and more on the go.

Local and small businesses around US tends to have their products in stock (mostly during this lockdown period) but no buyers around them or there are buyers but no potential buyers around these business owners (sellers).

ekesMall is a multivendors online in which you can post your products on and JUST sit and relax that your products will reach the potential buyers within a short period of time.

NOTE: You won’t be charged a DIME until we (ekesMall) got your products sell

We operate in Nigeria 🇳🇬 with a registered name “EkesMall Legacy Concept” RC 3130951 and in Kenya 🇰🇪 with a registered name “EkesMall Legacy Limited” PVT – EYU7PZ7

The name Ekesmall is a name originated from Ekemode (a Yorùbá surname) in full Yorùbá without constraints (ìpàroje) Èkéọmọdé (that’s Eke and small children)…..The name Ekesmall has been in existence before I can identify the right from the left but people started calling me by the name when I was in JSS 1 back then although it was my legend that bears the name not me.

Who is this my Legend…. Okay 👌, let me hit the nail on the head;

He’s nobody else than a true father and friend (YES he’s my best friend) Alh. Ekemode Sauban (P.K.A Ekesmall), the best daddy in the universe, YES I singlehandedly picked todays date because the name Ekesmall is meant for a young and good looking guy “My daddy”, you can check up his picture below (lolz 😂).

Happy 😊 birthday 🎂 to you sir….Ìgbà ọdún, ọdún kan ní óò (nínú owó, àlàáfíà, igbega, ọlá, ìdùnnú, ifọkanbalẹ àti àìkú baálé ọ̀rọ̀), join me in wishing him happy birthday

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  1. This is absolutely innovative and much needed at this time when the Nigerian government want to add VAT to everything including rent. This will not only boost small scale businesses but also help them maximize the economic potential of online marketing, sells and distribution for little and no extra cost. Kudos to all the team members and more especially happy birthday to the name originator. More grace to all your efforts. Cheers

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